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It is a high-quality form of art, based on an original idea,
perfect workmanship and the use of excellent materials.


Our company is a space where art and business meet. It is a zone of printing and photography, advertising and culture. It is a strategy, design, creation and perfect fulfilment of both the business goals and artistic visions.


The ProfiLab brand has existed since 1993. Initially, our focus was on various printing technologies. Today, we are very active in three areas: photography, advertising and interior design. But there is much more we can do for you.

About us

ProfiLab is a Polish company with over 25 years of experience in printing and imaging techniques.

What we do

We create original, visual and functional designs
using cutting-edge technologies,
materials and equipment.

Why ProfiLab?

Our greatest asset is the holistic range of services.
We offer short deadlines, professional consultancy,
and ensure that our Client’s needs are met at every
stage of project implementation…

Our mission

We have made it our mission to provide unconventional solutions
tailored to the Customers‘needs.
All this in order to achieve joint success together with our Customers.

We provide the highest standard of services in the area of:







Over the 25 years of our activity, we have organised hundreds of photo exhibitions, producing top quality photos and frames. We act as advisors – we will help you choose appropriate materials to create photographs that suit the character of the interior, or the status of the event. We have been trusted by numerous artists and galleries, both in Poland and abroad. HERE ARE SOME OF THE MOST PROMINENT ONES. We take part in the major photography events which feature works produced in our Laboratory. We work together with cultural institutions and distinguished artists. HERE ARE SOME OF THE MOST PROMINENT ONES.

We adopt an individual approach to each Customer, taking care of every detail. We are able to respond to all sorts of challenges, including the most unconventional ones. The machines and equipment used in our laboratory enable us to create photographs that reflect the artist’s vision to the tiniest detail. We execute photo exhibitions intended for outdoor and indoor display.

Whatever the printing technology used, each image should be suitably framed to fully accentuate its aesthetic merit. Our laboratory offers a complete spectrum of services and products related to framing technologies. We employ only the best and proven materials. Depending on the venue and requirements of an exhibition, and the Customer’s individual preferences and needs, we will select the appropriate type of frame to meet your expectations

Durability, quality, uniqueness, practice combined with expertise and reliability – all are the result of over 25 years of experience in imaging technologies. We offer a variety of printing technologies, as a result of which we can guarantee prints suitable for any form of advertising. We specialise in large-format prints, in particular backlit materials. Depending on the specific needs and requirements, we provide services in four different technologies: HP Latex, UV print, Solvent and LaserFoto®. We use several dozen of different printing bases which have been carefully selected among those offered by the best media manufacturers.

For architects and interior designers, we offer an innovative approach to each design project and limitless possibilities of creation. We give you the opportunity to create your own unique designs of wall papers, furniture, glass prints, custom printed tiles, bent acrylic furniture, outdoor advertisements, 3D letters, photographs, fabric prints, graphics, self-adhesive tapes, information boards and many others, no matter how complex a project is. Our team is made up of professionals whose advice will help you choose the material and technology that will capture your vision to the smallest detail. With our solutions, your projects will attract even more attention from your customers and contractors.

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We are open to our Customers’ non-standard requirements which we have successfully catered to for over 25 years. We believe that our competence, experience and professionalism will help us meet your expectations as well.

Katarzyna Twarowska
CEO, Profilab

profilab ceo - Katarzyna Twarowska